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GDPR Compliance

The new GDPR Compliance Law replaced the EU’s 1995 Data Protection Directive, which set out minimum standards for processing data.  GDPR stands for General Data Protection Regulation, which gives people more control over their personal data both in the EU and worldwide.

Since you will be collecting members’ personal data whilst running your club/association. GDPR Rules will apply. This includes searchable paper records but also digital ones.

GDPR refers to those who own and control members’ data and data processors (anyone who processes data on behalf of a data controller). 

Since then, all of our systems have been updated, so you can be sure that they are kept safe.  That  data is only accessible to you and not to any potential hackers.  

As a matter of note, if you are currently using spreadsheets, these are unlikely to be GDPR compliant.  This is therefore, a good time to upgrade to a paperless system. 

We do not store credit card details etc, but work alongside companies who can deal with them in a GDPR compliant manner.

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