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These are bespoke, yet affordable booking systems which can cope with:

  • Term time or holiday clubs
  • Clubs with start and end dates
  • Clubs with exclusion dates i.e. school term and half terms
  • Term time clubs, or Saturday clubs or evening classes

For each course a venue and time can be given.


There are various price options per course.

School holidays - these can be bookings for consecutive days which can be made with various price options - and people can book on particular days i.e. just Monday and Thursday if they prefer this is possible with various price options.

If you have specific requests, these can also be possible.

Other features -

Parents can log in and create their own profiles for their children with deposit paid by paypal or other payment providers / options

Tutors can also log in as above and see what courses they are entitled to see. If a tutor is ill, that course can be quickly reassigned to another tutor / course leader/ coach

Other features:

The admin system - Client Relations Management System (CRMS) is very easy to use but very comprehensive in its setup.

It can cope with multiple sports or just single ones,

All features can be adjusted to the needs of our clients.

Course Booker: a bespoke yet affordable Course Booking system!