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About us

The makers of Courses Booker have more than fifteen years experience of working with booking systems, having pioneered these in the early days before other players came on the market.

These days, booking systems have become more widely available and people are becoming used to booking services online with their favourite restaurant chain etc. However, many systems are expensive and out of the price range of many companies, or clunky and not suitable foir the needs of the copnies trying to use them.

Course Bookers has been produced by Worldwide Webdesign Ltd, and is managed by Best Bookings Ltd, the daughter company of Worldwide Webdesign Ltd. Together, we focus on creating systems that are different; unique, bespoke for our clients but also affordable.

Comprehensive yet affordable

The booking systems can all be configured to the exact needs of the user. We are not reinventing the wheel; but have developed a collection of systems that can be made available very quickly and tailored for the exact needs of our client.

So if you have not been able to find a booking system that covers all the bases - come to us.  Please call us for specific requests or if you would like us to talk anything through with you in more detail.

if you would like to see a more comprehensive Demo - our team are happy to show you how the systems work to make your business more manageable and cheaper to run.

Bespoke booking systems for everyone

Course Booker: a bespoke yet affordable Course Booking system!